Who am I?

My name is Pascal and I'm a software developer based in Germany.

Four years ago, I started developing trading indicators and strategies on different trading platforms. Due to my passion I'm now able to work on it full-time. If your are interested in automating your trading or creating your own trading system you came to the right place. I offer services to realize your initial idea into a final system - all-in-one solutions.

How can I help?

  • Consultancy

    Based on my trading and technical know-how I will analyze your requirement, showcase and discuss its strength and weakness to realize your profitable trading system.

  • Coding

    After deciding the best architecture for your approach, the work is on my side. You can lean back and relax, while I build your system.

  • Support

    Deployment and going live are key steps for the success of each project. I will offer support to make sure you are in goods hands and your system is running smooth.


Here are some examples of scripts and strategies that I've created in the past.

  • Multi TF WMA Strategy

    The higher timeframe WMA strategy is making use of weighted moving averages on different timeframes. Once an activation and a pullback occured, the strategy will enter a trade if the WMAs are in the right order.

  • Support and Resistance Study

    Support and resistance are basic concepts in trading. This script plots automatic support and resistance levels based on the input parameters. It is able to filter levels by volume and percentage values to find the most meaningful levels.

  • Mean-Reverse Strategy

    If markets do not trend a mean reverse strategy is what works best. This strategy is detecting mean reverse trade opportunities. The strategy can be set up with different "mean" values.


If you do not yet have your own idea for a strategy or an indicator why don't you just use one of my strategies? In my personal library I gather scripts that I find useful and worth sharing. Take a look!